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04/16/2016 From Overblog

La relève des website builders, est libre et française

Le mot "website builder" n'a pas vraiment d'équivalent fidèle en Français. Il est défini comme ceci dans wikipedia...

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07/31/2015 From Overblog

Deploy to Gandi Simple Hosting

At the end of the article, a step by step guide to continuous deployment on Gandi Simple Hosting. ---- As Silex...

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10/11/2014 From Overblog

Designer's Paradise: Website Builder + Editor For Content

Hello! I will present you a very interesting match of two free online services! You are able to produce beautiful...

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04/18/2014 From Overblog

Silex bug report, how to

What?! A bug?! No way!! Since Silex v2 is out, we have had an increasing number of bug reports, by email, twitter,...

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04/12/2014 From Overblog

Silex v2.0 - Part 2, what is it exactly?

An article about Silex v2 - part #2: the designers way

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09/21/2013 From Overblog

Great alternatives to dropbox for free file sharing

For Silex Labs team I have tried several solutions to share files easily, for free, with privacy. This need is...

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08/07/2013 From Overblog

HTML animation for designers

We used to use Flash for this kind of things... Today there are a number of tools to do it and output HTML.. I...

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07/02/2013 From

Formation Silex en ligne

Chaque semaine un exercice pour se former à Silex. En quelques semaines, vous serez en mesure de créer un site...

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05/23/2013 From Overblog

Silex v2, status update

Following the first prototype of silex v2, made with your help @pol @codam @elimak @yannick @zabojad we are back...

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05/04/2013 From Overblog

A virtual desktop to access all your cloud data

Here is an app to access all your file storage services. It is just like an operating system in the browser, and...

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